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Panco Perks

We are excited to offer these amazing perks to its residents. We understand that nothing is more valuable than your time… so we’d like to try to save you some. See below for specifics on each offering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the leasing office. ENJOY!

Need a cleaning service that will make your home sparkle? We’re committed to providing you with a professional and courteous cleaning service and will treat your home like our own! We’re offering a 10% discount through Panco Perks, so please visit our website at or call us today at 215-654-3110 to set up a cleaning.

Abacus Personal Finance
Are you one of many who find the cost of having a professionally prepared financial plan prohibitive … ?

With prices ranging from $1,000 – $3,000 for a single plan or $200 – $400 per hour making it unaffordable for most, we’re not surprised .
Since 1993, we’ve been in the business of putting people’s minds at ease when it comes to their money. If you are not currently acquainted with our firm, we offer a consumer-friendly personal financial planning experience. And, have made arrangements with your apartment community for our financial planning services to be offered without cost or obligation to their residents. Start the conversation today by calling (800) 921-1945 … and don’t forget to mention your preferred status as a Panco Properties resident.


No furniture? No problem! Whether you are relocating, on a temporary assignment or starting over, CORT can solve your temporary furnishing needs. As a Panco resident, you will enjoy exclusive offers and great customer service. Visit; or call 833-274-3732 to order your furniture. Use Coupon Code PANCO25 for 25% off first month’s furniture rental (leases 3 months or longer)


WashLB will bring you a car wash where you park, while you rest!  For your first service The Point team is sponsoring $20 OFF any single service or a FREE service (any level) when signing up for a cruise plan! Use the POINT coupon code when booking single service (no code needed for a cruise plan). 

Service begins around 7pm and is available every Tuesday. When the washers arrive they will text or call you. If you have selected an interior service you will unlock your car and keep your keys. Our washer will lock when done so you can wake up to a clean car. You do not need to even be on site after you unlock your car (you are free to go to sleep, go out to dinner, etc). If you have selected a BASIC (exterior only) service then as long as your car is in the parking lot you do not need to be on site for any part of the process. Washes are done by hand and there is no issue if other cars are parked next to you. Our washers will be in uniform and have lights so they can be easily identified. 

A single service, or pay-as-you-go is designed for those that only get their car washed/detailed sporadically and not very often. If this is for you then you will go on our website and book your wash in advance whenever you want to get it done. A Cruise Plan is set up to your specific needs and money will only be deducted AFTER each wash is complete. During the booking phase you will select how frequently you want it done (every 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks). Once a Cruise Plan is set up you do not need to do anything else, it will be automatic unless you need to reschedule (no penalty for this). There is no cancellation fee for a Cruise Plan after the second wash is completed. Cruise Plans get reduced rates. 

BASIC= Exterior Only | MID= Exterior and interior vacuum | PREMIUM= Exterior, Rim Pedicure, Tire Dressing, Seat and Floor Vacuum, Interior Windows, Doors, Rubber Mat Cleaning, Center Console, Main Console

To Recap…

  • Choose a cruise plan or book a single service at
  • Pick your service level and date (service is available everyTuesday evening starting at 7pm)
  • WashLB will contact you upon arrival to arrange access to the interior of your vehicle (unless exterior only service is selected)
  • WashLB will wash your car right where it’s parked
  • Wake up to a clean vehicle Wednesday morning!

Please note that WashLB will be washing your car right where it is parked and will never move your vehicle.  For any questions contact

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